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Fifteen years ago, Tatsu Angelo lost everything he cared about, destroyed at the orders of Count Sebastian Lancaster and the hands of Mordian Highlith. Now, beaten and broken, Tatsu resides in the slums in the city-state of Domino where he finds purpose only in watching over a small family he has come to care for.

However, Tatsu learns Lancaster has begun plans to lead Domino and reshape it under his image and will go through any means to do this. When those plans put Tatsu’s loved ones in danger, he dedicates his life to killing his nemesis and ending Lancaster’s evil plans, once and for all. No matter the cost.

But when the plot endangers those Tatsu left behind, as well as new allies who are hunting a dangerous criminal. Tatsu is embroiled in a struggle where the fate of Domino hangs in the balance.

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Tatsu Angelo Ronin Days Bookcover - front cover jpeg version-01

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